The SunSpaceArt Team

Some members of the SunSpaceArt team, left to right: Krishna, Helen Schell, Helen Mason, Clare, Geraldine, Dagny & Christabel.

The SunSpaceArt team is led by Helen Mason, solar scientist, University of Cambridge. The project is funded by STFC.

Other team members are:
Sarah Bridgland, artist
Geraldine Cox, Artist in Residence at Imperial College London and a scientist
Clare Dudeney, artist and energy consultant
Christabel Forbes, artist and teacher
Heather MacRae, Venture Thinking and Ideas Foundation, ESERO-UK Space Ambassador
Krishna Mooroogen, scientist
Helen Schell, artist and ESERO-UK Space Ambassador
Sehar Sheikh, artist and educator
Juie Shetye, solar scientist and artist
Dagny Kimberly Yousuf, scientist and creative
Alice White, artist and art lecturer
Emma Wride, AstroCymru, ESERO-UK Space Ambassador

Dave Pike has helped us with editing the website material.
ThinkNoodle are our software consultants.

Other artists and scientists have joined us for individual school workshops.