Krishna Mooroogen

Krishna is an early career scientist with a passion for science communication. He has recently completed his PhD at Northumbria University in the field of Solar Physics, with a primary focus on the observation of the Sun’s atmosphere. He then went to work at the National Physical Laboratory where he used his experience in image analysis to support national measurement challenges relating to structural health monitoring and medical image applications.

Krishna has worked on a variety of different outreach projects over the years including the Science Buskers and the Imagining the Sun project. He is a member of the STFC Advisory Panel for Public Engagement.

Working on the Sun Space Art project has been fantastic and seeing the students produce some amazing pieces inspired by the science of the Sun has been an incredibly rewarding experience. We have a great team working on the SunSpaceArt project and together we endeavour to make real impact in education by delivering high-level scientific ideas communicated effectively through art.

I believe, as scientists, we have a responsibility to both engage with the wider public and to support education in schools. Public enrichment is not only a method of research dissemination but acts as a cornerstone of knowledge. In the classroom, outreach projects enable scientists to share their experiences and expertise; this not only enhances a child’s learning but also deepens their relationship with science and offers inspiration.