SunSpaceArt STEAM Festival

SunSpaceArt STEAM Festival, Monday 15 February 2021

A nine hour video recording of most of the day’s activities is available on the AstroTVEarth YouTube channel, please check out those sessions you missed: 
Time on 15 February (Approx time on video recording)

11:00 Introduction to the day – Helen Mason, Pete Williamson, Emma Wride
11:15 (0:15) Stardust Hunters – Emma Wride (AstroCymru) & Sarah Roberts (astronomer, Swansea University), KS1/2
11:45 (0:42) Rocket Mice, Jumping Beans & Magnets – Sarah Langton (SphereScience), KS1/2 (maybe have a marble, card, scissors, sticky tape, a magnet and an empty plastic bottle to hand)
12:30 (1:20) Observing and Drawing the Moon – Mary McIntyre (astronomer), KS1/2 (maybe have some paper and a pencil)
13:00 (1:56) Making Shadow Puppets – Christabel Forbes & Sehar Sheikh (artists & educators, SSA team) (maybe have some paper, crayons, scissors, sticky tape and if you have one, a torch)
13:30 (2:25) Our Sun and Us – Drawing the Sun – Geraldine Cox (artist, scientist, SSA team) & Steph Yardley (MSSL, solar scientist), KS2/3 (maybe have some paper, pencil, crayons, felt tips)
14:00 (not available) A Science Rapper’s Guide to the Solar System – Jon Chase, RapSci, KS2/3 (get ready to ‘shout out’!)
14:45 (2:51) The Mighty Sky – Ian McMillan (poet), KS2/3 (be inspired by poetry)
15:00 (3:14) A Lifetime in Antarctica – John Dudeney (Antarctic expert), Clare Dudeney (artist, SSA team) & Kulvinder Johal (PSTT teacher), KS2/3, parents, teachers (take a trip to a far off place, but keep warm)
15:45 (3:56) Greetings Earthlings – Let’s Make it to Mars – Helen Schell (artist, space educator, SSA Team), KS2/3, parents, teachers (find some paper, pencils, sticky tape, recycled materials)
16:00 (4:10) Home Learning ideas from the PSTT – Kulvinder Johal (PSTT mentor), KS2, parents, teachers
16:30 (4:40) Great Science Share, Past and Future – Lynne Bianchi (educator, Manchester University), KS2, parents, teachers
17:00 (5:12) Science of Super Heros, Robert Walsh (UCLan, solar scientist), KS3, parents, teachers (find out if there could be life on other planets)
17:30 (5:42) The Extra-ordinary Life of Amelia Earhart – Sheila Kanini (RAS), KS2/3, parents, teachers (inspirational female pilot)
17:45 (6:00) Starry Night: Vincent Van Gogh – Alice White (artist, SSA team), KS2/3, parents, teachers
18:00 (6:06) Hidden from the Sun: Venture to the Deep – Richard Garriott (astronaut, explorer, adventurer), KS2/3, parents, teachers (ask Richard some questions or write a short poem)
18:45 (6:58) ESA Operations – ESA operations video with a difference!
19:00 (7:05) Once Explorers, Always Explorers: Recent Highlights from ESA’s Space Science and Exploration Missions – Mark McCaughrean (ESA’s Senior Adviser for Science and Exploration) (… and a few links to the Arts)
20:00 (8:08) The Sun, Solar Orbiter and the Arts – Lucie Green (solar scientist, MSSL), in conversation with Helen Mason
20:15 (8:28) Panel Discussion – The value of STEAM and Creativity
Helen Mason (solar scientist), Geraldine Cox (artist & scientist), Emma Bellerby (dancer), Alice White (artist), Paul Tyler (PSTT, teacher), Krishna Mooroogen (scientist)
21:00 (see SunSpaceart YouTube) RAS Quilts – Annie Hogan (RAS) (Astronomy meets textiles)
‘The Sun’ art installation (not available) – Robert Walsh, UCLAN, solar scientist
21:15 (see SunSpaceArt YouTube) Observations of the Sun with Telescopes – Juie Shetye (NMSU, SSA team) & Heidi Sanchez (New Mexico State University, USA)
21:30 The Sky this month (not available) – Astronomer
21:45  From Herschel to Hawkwind – Music and the Cosmos’ (not available) – Pete Williamson (astronomer) (for the night owls) (NOT available on YouTube ue to copyright issues)

This STEAM (STEM + Arts) Festival was organised by the SunSpaceArt team, sponsored by STFC and hosted by Pete Williamson .

We would like to thank all the participants.

‘Make it’ videos

The Sun, Moon and Mars in Exmouth

Journeys Through Space

Marbling the Solar System in Swindon