The SunSpaceArt Project

The SunSpaceArt project brings together scientists and visual artists to work in schools, with teachers and children, at upper primary (KS2) and lower secondary (KS3) levels.

This project, funded by STFC, links science with the arts (STEAM) to help children appreciate how the Sun and space contribute to a better understanding of  ‘Our Place in the Universe’. Through a creative approach, the SunSpaceArt team aims to inspire and involve children and to encourage them to pursue innovative careers.

The project team, which is led by Dr Helen Mason, a solar scientist at the University of Cambridge, includes several visual artists: Sarah Bridgland, an artist, Geraldine Cox, an Artist in Residence at Imperial College London and a scientist, Clare Dudeney, an artist and an energy consultant, Christabel Forbes, an artist and a teacher, Heather MacRae (with the Ideas Foundation ),  Dr Krishna Mooroogen, a scientist, formerly at the National Physics Laboratory, Helen Schell, an artist and an ESERO-UK Space Ambassador, Dr Dagny Kimberly Yousuf, a scientist and creative, Emma Wride (Astrocymru, an ESERO-UK Space Ambassador). The project has support from the software consultancy, ThinkNoodle (Matthew Tidbury), and from Dr Dave Pike (a retired scientist from the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, RAL).

Since August 2016, the SunSpaceArt team have worked with around 70 schools throughout the UK. Some of our workshops have also involved poets. We hope that the blogs about all these workshops will encourage more schools to run cross-curriculum STEAM activities. The SunSpaceArt project also involves training sessions for educators, from both science and arts backgrounds, to enable them to develop STEAM activities in their schools. Continued Professional Development, CDP, workshops for teachers have been run in partnership with the ASE, SEERIH and RALSpace. The science content is closely linked to different sections on the Sun|trek website, and uses many of the excellent resources provided for schools by STFC. Recently, the SunSpaceArt team have been running family workshops at the Science Museum, London, related to their exhibition ‘The Sun: Living with Our Star‘.