Christabel Forbes

Christabel is a London based artist. She studied Fine Art at Falmouth University and continued with a Master level course at The Royal Drawing School. Her work looks at the direct contact from the visual world. She creates purely through observational drawings which are then turned into further works relating to her surroundings. With a strong interest in reality and the imagination, her art explores every day scenes as well as curating a new space.

Although her work always begins with drawing, Christabel experiments with a wide range of media including oil, ink and watercolour.She loves travelling, and has been on art residencies in many countries, most recently in India and Europe. Her paintings are full of life and colour. Her art work can be found on her website:

Alongside her art, Christabel works in education. She teaches in schools, from elementary to secondary as well as individual projects and sees great importance in the creative arts education system. Christabel loves being part of the SunSpaceArt team, in her own words: ‘ I LOVE working with the SunSpaceArt team and am looking forward to more exciting workshops in the future.’

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All paintings by Christabel are copyrighted, please contact her for details of the paintings.