SunSpaceArt STEAM Festival

SunSpaceArt STEAM Festival, Monday 15 February 2021

A nine hour video recording of most of the day’s activities is available on the AstroTVEarth YouTube channel, please check out those sessions you missed: 
Time on 15 February (Approx time on video recording)

11:00 Introduction to the day – Helen Mason, Pete Williamson, Emma Wride
11:15 (0:15) Stardust Hunters – Emma Wride (AstroCymru) & Sarah Roberts (astronomer, Swansea University), KS1/2
11:45 (0:42) Rocket Mice, Jumping Beans & Magnets – Sarah Langton (SphereScience), KS1/2 (maybe have a marble, card, scissors, sticky tape, a magnet and an empty plastic bottle to hand)
12:30 (1:20) Observing and Drawing the Moon – Mary McIntyre (astronomer), KS1/2 (maybe have some paper and a pencil)
13:00 (1:56) Making Shadow Puppets – Christabel Forbes & Sehar Sheikh (artists & educators, SSA team) (maybe have some paper, crayons, scissors, sticky tape and if you have one, a torch)
13:30 (2:25) Our Sun and Us – Drawing the Sun – Geraldine Cox (artist, scientist, SSA team) & Steph Yardley (MSSL, solar scientist), KS2/3 (maybe have some paper, pencil, crayons, felt tips)
14:00 (not available) A Science Rapper’s Guide to the Solar System – Jon Chase, RapSci, KS2/3 (get ready to ‘shout out’!)
14:45 (2:51) The Mighty Sky – Ian McMillan (poet), KS2/3 (be inspired by poetry)
15:00 (3:14) A Lifetime in Antarctica – John Dudeney (Antarctic expert), Clare Dudeney (artist, SSA team) & Kulvinder Johal (PSTT teacher), KS2/3, parents, teachers (take a trip to a far off place, but keep warm)
15:45 (3:56) Greetings Earthlings – Let’s Make it to Mars – Helen Schell (artist, space educator, SSA Team), KS2/3, parents, teachers (find some paper, pencils, sticky tape, recycled materials)
16:00 (4:10) Home Learning ideas from the PSTT – Kulvinder Johal (PSTT mentor), KS2, parents, teachers
16:30 (4:40) Great Science Share, Past and Future – Lynne Bianchi (educator, Manchester University), KS2, parents, teachers
17:00 (5:12) Science of Super Heros, Robert Walsh (UCLan, solar scientist), KS3, parents, teachers (find out if there could be life on other planets)
17:30 (5:42) The Extra-ordinary Life of Amelia Earhart – Sheila Kanini (RAS), KS2/3, parents, teachers (inspirational female pilot)
17:45 (6:00) Starry Night: Vincent Van Gogh – Alice White (artist, SSA team), KS2/3, parents, teachers
18:00 (6:06) Hidden from the Sun: Venture to the Deep – Richard Garriott (astronaut, explorer, adventurer), KS2/3, parents, teachers (ask Richard some questions or write a short poem)
18:45 (6:58) ESA Operations – ESA operations video with a difference!
19:00 (7:05) Once Explorers, Always Explorers: Recent Highlights from ESA’s Space Science and Exploration Missions – Mark McCaughrean (ESA’s Senior Adviser for Science and Exploration) (… and a few links to the Arts)
20:00 (8:08) The Sun, Solar Orbiter and the Arts – Lucie Green (solar scientist, MSSL), in conversation with Helen Mason
20:15 (8:28) Panel Discussion – The value of STEAM and Creativity
Helen Mason (solar scientist), Geraldine Cox (artist & scientist), Emma Bellerby (dancer), Alice White (artist), Paul Tyler (PSTT, teacher), Krishna Mooroogen (scientist)
21:00 (see SunSpaceart YouTube) RAS Quilts – Annie Hogan (RAS) (Astronomy meets textiles)
‘The Sun’ art installation (not available) – Robert Walsh, UCLAN, solar scientist
21:15 (see SunSpaceArt YouTube) Observations of the Sun with Telescopes – Juie Shetye (NMSU, SSA team) & Heidi Sanchez (New Mexico State University, USA)
21:30 The Sky this month (not available) – Astronomer
21:45  From Herschel to Hawkwind – Music and the Cosmos’ (not available) – Pete Williamson (astronomer) (for the night owls) (NOT available on YouTube ue to copyright issues)

This STEAM (STEM + Arts) Festival was organised by the SunSpaceArt team, sponsored by STFC and hosted by Pete Williamson .

We would like to thank all the participants.

Shaping the Sun at Highway P.S.

The Sun, Moon and Mars in Exmouth

Journeys Through Space

Solar Eclipse 2017

Mission to Mars, Maidstone

Moon Village – Lunar Safety Jacket