Summer of Space, Science Museum, London
Make it to the Moon
STEAM Workshops 25th May & 21st July 2019
Blog by Helen Schell
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Postcards from the Moon

Saturday 25th May
Make it to the Moon and SSA teams
Helen Schell: artist and ESERO-UK Space Ambassador
Olwen Hill: art and space teacher
Sehar Sheikh: artist and art teacher

Sunday 21st July
Make it to the Moon and SSA teams
Helen Schell: artist and ESERO-UK Space Ambassador
Olwen Hill: art and space teacher
Dr Helen Mason: solar scientist from Cambridge University
Alice White: artist and art lecturer at St Martins
Make it to the Moon Workshops (ages 6+)
‘Postcards from the Moon’
‘We all dream of visiting the Moon. What would it be like to live there? Imagine you are on the Moon and want to send a postcard to Earth. Design your own postcard with rockets, robots, lunar buggy, moon houses, astronauts, flags and mission badges’ Helen Schell.
Drop-in ‘Make and Take’ Family Workshops
The Science Museum invited the ‘Make it to the Moon’ & SunSpaceArt team to run two Moon themed workshops as part of their ‘Summer of Space’ and ‘Anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on Moon Celebrations’.  The lunar team ran a Moon art project on large arts and craft tables where participants could create their own Moon themed postcards using historical (Apollo), current (satellites & moon rovers) and future plans (Moon Village & Lunar Gateway space station). The participants, which included family groups with children, used drawing and collage techniques to create postcards with images on one side and a personal message on the back which included facts and poems with hand-drawn Moon stamps. There were examples for inspiration, guidance and factual reference.

The aim was to present an inclusive event spanning art and science which appealed to all participants whatever their age group, preference or abilities. This was part of a huge interactive event in the Information Age gallery, which included many other hands-on art and science activities about the Moon such as Space Junk and Air Rockets, Lunar Craters, Moon Village on a Plate and spacesuit photos. There was also a museum-wide space exploration experience. This event was very popular and was busy all day. The combination of science and art is very appealing to children. It is a natural learning method especially when it’s about the Moon because a lunar colony is currently being planned by ESA, NASA and space agencies worldwide.

The Moon Family Festival was a very popular event and the two ‘Make it to the Moon’ activities attracted more than 200 participants. They were given STFC Moon brochures and IAU 50th Anniversary Moon stickers to take away with their postcards.