Sehar Sheikh

Sehar Sheikh is a London based artist and educator whose work considers the dynamism of the human form and face. She is inspired by Renaissance artists and works from life and memory to capture character, expression and movement. She enjoys experimenting with colour and line. She is currently exploring the notion of capturing a person’s time through a variety of media from oil paint to letters.

Sehar received a BA in History of Art from the School of Oriental and African studies, specialising in Japanese Art. She has participated in various exhibitions from the independent ‘Portrait exhibition’ to the exhibition ‘Scotland in Our Eyes’ held in Crown Court, Covent Garden. She is also invited regularly as an alumna to sell her work at her college’s art sale to fundraise for student events. She has always been a passionate teacher and believes in changing the view of the arts in the educational system. She believes that children should be taught to value creativity as an asset and skill. She has been able to help in running educational workshops for the SunSpaceArt project and has worked in places such as the Science Museum and Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.

Sehar says: ‘It was such a pleasure being able to teach SSA school workshops at the beautiful Winter Gardens in Blackpool. Everyone that I had a chance to meet, both new friends and old friends, were so lovely and friendly and a joy to work with.’ ‘It was such a pleasure to help in this workshop at Purfleet primary! The children have so much potential and are so curious and witty. Definitely looking forward to seeing the scientists, explorers and artists that will come out of that school.’

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All paintings by Sehar are copyrighted, please contact her for details of the paintings.