Dagny M. Kimberly Yousuf

Dagny is very creative. After completing a PhD in cosmology at Imperial College, London, she is raising four boys. Recently, Dagny’s interests have turned to supporting maths and science teaching to young children through creative activities.

She explored links between physics and Jazz for the book “The Jazz of Physics” by Professor Stephon Alexander.

Afterwards, she was inspired to design and run artistic workshops linked to maths for children aged between 5-9 years old, in a west London junior school.  She later organised a full day workshop entitled “The Story of the Universe, Our Story” for the entire school, which involved writing, dance, music, drawing and role playing.

Dagny is a member of the SunSpaceArt team, is working on a children’s story about physics, and has developed a full day workshop with Geraldine Cox on ‘Atoms’ for junior school children.