Dr Juie Shetye

Juie is an early career solar scientist, currently working as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Fusion Space and Astrophysics, Warwick University. She completed her PhD from Queen’s University Belfast in 2017. During her PhD she was based at Armagh Observatory and Planetarium. Besides studying solar science, she is a keen artist (See art_by_juie facebook page) and believes in promoting non-conventional methods of teaching that combine science and art.

She believes that such methods are vital to inculcate public interest in STEM fields, especially because these methods are driven by curiosity. She’s worked extensively with artists and historians to develop a novel and non-conventional teaching method. During her time at the University of Warwick, she has developed a set of activities under “Space-grounds”, where the participants learned about the solar system by running, hopping and skipping around the solar system. As a PhD student, she participated in outreach programs with local, under-privileged schools and joined with a local artist, Dr Sally Walmsley-Pledl, to design “Universe hop-scotch”. This was an installation to showcase art and “the life of an astronomer” to the general public in Northern Ireland. Communicating science to people outside academia led her to design creative ways to explain solar physics and general physics to students of all ages.

Before embarking on a career in research, she worked as a tutor teaching maths and physics. Her motto is ‘Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire’. Her students were often gifted with varied abilities. Interacting with them cultivated the need for developing unconventional methods of teaching that combined art and science, for example explaining geometry using soap bubbles.

Her interest in combining art and science brought her to be a part of the SunSpaceArt team. Here she has played the role of a geeky, solar physicist who can do some art. Her personal success with the SunSpaceArt project was when a young participant made a solar booklet based on her solar research topic: “Spicules”.

The Sun exhibition and workshops in Blackpool, with Prof Robert Walsh at UCLAN, were a great success. Juie said ‘I was amazed how much information the children picked up. Some students worked on a wide variety of topics from the satellite to the solar system planets, though the focus was the Sun.’

If not in her office, you will find her in her art room, where she does experiments that tell us how paints interact, creating patterns that show the complex patterns occurring in the Universe.

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