Clare Dudeney

Clare’s work explores relationships and experience of place. Working from direct observation, memory and imagination. To capture a place, she immerses herself in it. Not just representing how it looks; but the emotions and the physicality of being somewhere in a moment in time. She recently visited Antarctica as Artist in Residence on a tourist ship.

Clare  has exhibited in various shows, including a solo show on ‘Shapes of Being’ at the Dot Project, London. She has curated and participated in exhibitions on ‘Constructing Nature‘ in Sept 2016 and ‘In Dreams’ in Sept 2017. ‘In Dreams’ brought together twenty international artists to explore the sensory experience of sleep, dream narratives and internal visual landscapes, inspired by collaboration with sleep scientists, psychologists and writers.

Clare has completed a Masters of Fine Art with the City and Guilds of London Art School and has an elected position as a Fellow and Trustee for one year, to represent the students’ views. She previously studied with the Royal Drawing School and New York Studio School.

Clare has worked in climate change and energy policy for 12 years.

She runs regular workshops, including in schools and at the Science Museum, for the SunSpaceArt project.

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