‘I enjoyed the art lesson because we could imagine our story and make it real’ (student)

On 21st March 2018, South Rise Primary School, Greenwich, planned an ambitious Science Day, led by an enthusiastic teacher, Francis Moore. There were lots of different activities, and the SunSpaceArt team worked with the three Yr 6 classes. These SunSpaceArt activities were led by artist Clare Dudeney, with help from two other artists Christabel Forbes, Emily Morey and the solar scientist Dr Helen Mason.

A lot of preparation was required for so many children. The artists made 100 ‘Pop-up’ booklets, which the children could fill with art work, images and text. This hard work paid off as the children really enjoyed hearing about the Sun and space, then making their own individual books. They made up stories, made books about the Sun, space, living on the Moon, journey to the stars; their imaginations went wild.

The teachers were very friendly and their feedback was positive. The children had lots of feedback, such as:  ‘The Sun means to me – pool time and nice drinks and snacks’, ‘I liked it because we learnt about space then made a cool pop-up book about space’, ‘I loved the art because it let me share my love for art and my love for science’, ‘Exciting Sun. I find the Sun very interesting because it’s so strong and big that it can produce heat from hundreds of miles away’, ‘The Sun means to me another bright star shining down on us’, ‘I learnt that when the Sun has spots, there are explosions which means it is angry’.

As always the children asked lots and lots of questions about the Sun, space and the universe. The children clearly loved being creative, and made good use of the resources which we brought. They learnt lots of facts and some new skills. The workshop took half a day, and at the end of the session each class had a ‘show-and-tell’, some children talked about their own work, while others said what they liked about their classmate’s work. The artists, who spent time in each classroom, made an effort to talk with every individual child, and to help them with developing ideas and techniques.

The children should have the last word ‘It was awesome’, ‘I enjoyed everything because I love science, and thank you very much for coming’.