Space Camp Art
Shrubland Street Primary School, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, KS2, 30 children
8 December 2016
Blog by Helen Mason

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‘The work that we did with you inspired us to be more interested in space, rockets, planets and astronauts.’ (children at the Space Camp)

So many questions, I have never heard so many good questions from excited and animated children. They were excited about space and had been following ESA/UK astronaut Tim Peake’s adventures on the ISS. We talked about space travel, the Sun, life elsewhere in the universe, so many things. This SunSpaceArt workshop was run by Dr Helen Mason, solar scientist and Clare Dudeney, artist. It was held at Shrubland Street school during a Space Camp sleep-over, run by Amanda Poole.

We started our creative work with the help of artist Clare. Our aim was to do some collagraphic printing, using, well basically ‘junk’, paper, card, string, bits and pieces. First, the children had to design a template, then we had to coat this in varnish and wait a few hours for it to dry. Then the children were able to print with their templates, lots of different designs and colours.

The results were amazing… the children’s imaginations went wild, but the most successful prints were the simplest. My favourite was ‘Neil Armstrong’, his footprint on the Moon. Tim Peake’s favourite was ‘ISS over the Pyramids’, which he ‘liked’ on Twitter. There were many other wonderful prints of the Sun, solar flares, the aurora, planets… the universe. All fantastic.

The children wrote to thank us ‘This was our third space camp at Shrubland Street School and we all agree that it was our best one yet. This one was awesome because we got to do printed pictures and to make our own alien drawing. Thank you again for all your help.’

Some of the children’s work was short listed in a national art competition at STFC-RAL  We were not surprised, since it was brilliant.