Pop Up Sun at Ysgol Pontrobert
19 November 2018
(Welsh Medium School, Yrs 1-6)

Blog by Sarah Bridgland and Emma Wride

Hapus iawn’ (children, Ysgol Pontrobert)
Ysgol Pontrobert is a Welsh Medium school in Powys and due to its rural and remote location, the school only has an intake of 32 pupils. So, this was a new experience for Emma Wride (AstroCymru) and me (artist, Sarah Bridgland). Although we led the workshop in English, the teachers were fantastic at supporting us and translating the presentation and our instructions into Welsh. The age range of the class was from reception to year 6 so some of the information was quite advanced for the younger pupils.

Emma talked to the children about the Sun and space. We adapted the art activities to accommodate the age range, asking the reception pupils to explore the ‘haul’ (Sun) and what it means to them (beth mae’r haul yn ei olygu i chi?) – there were lots of drawings and collages of ice cream! Some also liked holidays and swimming. It was an amazing and inspiring experience to see the dynamic of a mixed-age class, with pupils in year 5 and 6 helping the younger ones with their ideas and the practical activities – cutting out, sticking and writing. At the end we had a variety of pop-up books in Welsh and English. The feedback from the reception children made us happy – they had drawn big smiling Suns on their post-it notes!

The teachers were particularly happy about our visit, since few school visitors or companies get to this remote part of Mid-Wales. They were extremely grateful that the whole school could be involved, working together on the same project. The children were all really proud of the work they produced. We have had some received some wonderful and positive feedback with lots of smiley faces.

I really enjoyed today because I love art and enjoy learning about the planets and milky way. I enjoyed using different materials and shapes. Carry on with what you are doing because I loved it.’ (child)
‘I loved working with you today and I liked making the pop-up books about space. I learnt some very interesting facts about space’ (child)