‘Year 5 had a super time finding out about the Sun and really enjoyed the afternoon’, Headteacher. We (Heather MacRae and Helen Mason) also had a super time working with the children at Henham and Ugley school on the afternoon of 9th May 2017. The afternoon session kicked off with a short talk by Helen. The first slide was Tim Peake on his EVA (spacewalk). She asked ‘Why did Tim go on a Spacewalk?’. The answer came back ‘Because it was fun!’. Well, there’s no denying that it was something he had been hoping for and looking forward to for a long time and he did have fun. The talk was interspersed with lots and lots of questions about the Sun, the stars and space.

Some friends and visual aids visited the school with us: Triton, the tardigrade, Mac, the macaroni penguin, and ColoursGB, the peacock mascot for the latest solar observatory, IRIS.

After the science discussion the children set about making some superb collages, with brightly-coloured and metallic paper and pastels. The penguin had his portrait drawn, and there were beautiful and creative pieces of art-work depicting solar eclipses, night and day, the Sun, stars, space and the aurora.