A Big Ball of Fire
Eastlea Community College, Canning Town, KS3/4, 30 students
Blog by Helen Mason
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Teenagers from Eastlea Community School in Canning Town have created an iBook: ‘A Big Ball of Fire’ about the Sun. This book can be downloaded free from iTunes.


This engaging, interactive book is filled with information, illustrations and images, videos, quizzes and fun craft activities (including Sun-themed cupcakes!) to inspire interest about the Sun.

The project, carried out in 2014, was led by Heather MacRae (Venture Thinking) together with Helen Mason (Sun|trek, University of Cambridge). The students gained creative insights from Lydia Thornley (LT Design) and Richard Healey (Learn Extreme).   The students also visited the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University to meet and interview astronomy and astrophysics students who shared tips for future study.   There they had a chance to observe the Sun with a solar telescope, to create solar flares, and see sunspots for themselves with a sunspotter. The day was rounded off with a punt down the river Cam.

Dr Helen Mason says: “I was very happy to share my passion for the Sun with the students at Eastlea School. They have taken this iBook project on with great enthusiasm and imagination, reaching levels way beyond my expectation”.

The iBook project was developed by Heather MacRae, Venture Thinking with ICT expertise from Richard Healey, Learn Extreme, and was funded by the UK Space Agency, Eastlea Community School and STFC.

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