Extremeophiles in Norfolk
Scarning Primary School, Near Dereham, Norfolk, Yr 5, 30 children
8 February 2017
Blog by Helen Mason

Thanks so much for coming in on Wednesday, the children loved everything about it and were talking about it a lot afterwards.‘ (Alex Minns, class teacher)

It was a great pleasure to work with Jenni Rant and the SAW (Science Art and Writing) Trust (www.sawtrust.org ) team at Scarning Primary School. The workshop was led by Kirsty Nice, a student at the University of East Anglia, UEA, who did a fantastic job preparing talks and activities about astro-biology. She got the children thinking about searching for life beyond our planet by considering the perfect conditions for life. She prepared games and activities on extremophiles and habitats, which the children loved.

The SAW Trust team also included an artist (Chris Hann) and a poet (Richard Lambert). They provided artistic activities (paper marbling the planets, pastel colouring supernova explosions, rainbow colours, writing poems) to reinforce the science themes. Triton, the tardigrade (mascot for the Space to Earth Challenge) also came along to meet the children.

Alex Minns, the class teacher was super excited about the day. She said: ‘It was great to have you guys come in, it really made the day extra special. Every session was really good, the children love asking questions, so to have experts was brilliant and the experts had some great images to share. Richard was great with the kids doing poetry. The art session was brilliant too.’ As for the children, when asked ‘What would have made the day better?’ Their response was ‘Not anything because it was awesome and amazing!’.

Song of the Extremophile

by Casper

I am an extremeophile

The silence pierces the air

Then suddenly… pitter, patter

Pitter, patter, pitter, patter

The sound of the Tardigrade