Make it into Space
Worksheets prepared by Helen Schell
Activities for Home Learning and Primary Schools
April 2020, updated June 2020

Take a journey into space and find out more about the Sun, Moon, Mars and the Solar System. With the current Covid-19 health emergency, many children are at home for an extended period and schools are providing education in extraordinary circumstances. Helen Schell, artist and STEM/space Ambassador, has prepared easy to use worksheets for education and entertainment in these unusual circumstances. The worksheets have creative activities which children and adults can carry out in all environments using recycled materials where possible.

These can be downloaded by clicking on the images below for:
Make it to the Sun
Make it to the Moon
Make it to Mars
Make it to the Solar System
Make it into Orbit
Make it back to Earth
Make it Smart

Further details, images and linked activities can be found in the ‘Art Resources’ section of

Some great resources about space for schools can be found on the UKSEDS website: